About Us

StarNetwork is dedicated to providing safe transportation that’s affordable and reliable.

We provide customizable transportation services that deliver you to your destination safely, promptly, and within your budget.

From the CEO

StarNetwork supports older adults leading healthy and active lives with our on-demand private ride services. Our transportation is safe, affordable, and reliable, not to mention convenient. StarNetwork transports older adults to various activities to help support their quality of life. We are community-based and relationship-driven. We assist those without transportation, those in the process of driving cessation, and those who want a break from their daily driving routine. Our vetted and trained drivers look forward to getting to know you. Our business promotes the feeling of belonging, and we make it our business to get a sense of what you need. At the heart of StarNetwork are the relationships we want to build.

We exist for older adults who want to maintain their quality of life with a private ride service that is as individual as you.

Kimber Saint-Preux
Board Chair

Board Members

Kimber Saint-Preux

Board Chair

Serge (Antoine) Saint-Preux

Board Member/Financial Operations Administrator/IT Support Technician

Jeff P Cazeau, Board Member, Shareholder, STAR Transportations

Jeff P. Cazeau

Board Member/Shareholder

Robert J Ray, Board Member, STAR Transportations

Robert J. Ray

Board Member

Strategic Advisors

John Bell, Financial Strategic Advisor, STAR Transportations

John Bell

Financial Strategic Advisor

Rajiv Menon, C T O and Strategic Advisor, STAR Transportations

Rajiv Menon

CTO/Strategic Advisor

Tania Grant, Strategic Advisor, STAR Transportations

Tania Grant

Strategic Advisor

Operations Staff

Soja Yordi

General Manager

Acquanetta Bufford

Operations Manager

Sonji Banks

Recruit/Retention Manager

Dawn Colangelo

HR Consultant/HRO

Lurene James

Lead Logistics Coordinator

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