Let’s Get Moving!

Discover what it’s like to have a flexible work schedule while building your own small business as an independent contractor with a fast-growing company.


Empower Your Community

As an independent contractor within the StarNetwork, you’re energized not only because you want to go into business for yourself, but also because you want to help others maintain their quality of life. Working with STAR means being part of an organization that serves and empowers your community. Join us to experience the difference.

Giving Your Business a Good Start


Referral Program

When you recruit other drivers, you help grow your business.


Training for the Long Haul

Drivers receive continuous safety training and ongoing support in order to provide premium travel experiences.


Your Safety Is Our Priority

All independent contractors must have a clear motor vehicle report, maintain CPR certification, and submit to a background check. Drivers must also agree to random drug screening and hold a DOT medical examination certificate. Vehicles must be cleared for service.

Need A Roadmap? Read Our FAQs

StarNetwork is designed exclusively for older adults who are 50+.

It’s a private ride service that is safe, affordable, and reliable.

Your primary customers are older adults who are 50+ who want to go where they want when they want. This service is not just for medical appointments, and customers do not need a cane or a walker to ride. The service is for older adults who want to go to the store, the theater, or even an ice cream shop. As a driver, you will help your customers connect or reconnect with their communities, maintain their routines, and be treated with respect. Because some customers use the service frequently, you may have some regulars.

Always be friendly, professional, and respectful. Older adults are mature and independent, with minds, interests, and the ability to express themselves on their own. To that end, avoid elderspeak.€”and talk to older adults in the same way that you would want to be treated. Avoid discussing hot-button topics like religion or politics.

Yes. Our vetting process includes training in empathy, safety standards, and customer service.

Specifically, all drivers in the STAR network must:

  • Be at least 23 years old
  • Undergo sensitivity training and learn how to comply with ADA regulations
  • Have had a clear motor vehicle report for the past 3 years
  • Supply proof of vehicle insurance and registration
  • Have their vehicles cleared for service each year
  • Be certified in CPR
  • Agree to participate in a random drug screening program
  • Hold a DOT medical examination certificate
  • Pass an extensive criminal background check
  • Call to attend our virtual orientation and learn more about this wonderful opportunity.

Yes, you need insurance against loss and injury. Additional insurance is required if you work with customers who need personal assistance. We will address this issue during our business opportunity presentation.

StarNetwork partners with you by providing customers and insurance while you’re in service. We recognize that as with any other business, you must protect your assets.

Yes, five levels of service are available through the StarNetwork to meet the needs of older adults who are not wheelchair-bound. Rides are booked in advance to ensure timely pickup.

Curbside We pick up customers at the curb of their point of origin and drop them off at the curb of their destination. Our drivers will not offer personalized assistance.

Door-to-Door We pick up customers at their first-level lobby area or front door. We’ll be happy to offer customers a guiding hand or a shoulder to lean on.

Door-Through-Door We meet customers at their front door and drop them off at the front door on any floor of their destination building. Again, we’ll provide personal assistance if asked to do so.
Round-Trip Stay Drivers remain with customers throughout their journey even if more than one destination is involved. This eliminates the need for multiple drop-offs and pickups. Personal assistance is offered on request.

On-Demand We provide same-day service for customers who forgot to book in advance. We offer individualized assistance.

Yes. Independent contractors who don’t have a vehicle can rent one from StarNetwork.

Yes, it does. With many transportation providers, you can’t take a day off without your budget taking a hit. As a member of the StarNetwork network, you can be your own boss and create residual income. If you know good drivers that may be interested in this opportunity, you can earn while they drive, because you’re helping StarNetwork grow its network. In addition, many businesses partner with StarNetwork and offer discounts to its independent contractors.

Experience the Difference

StarNetwork enables drivers to create a true opportunity to thrive. Essentially, with us, you are in the driver’s seat.